The acceleration program for entrepreneurs of the food sector

We help you create your project with specialised training, technical and commercial support and financing.

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Each of the pre-accelerated startups will receive

Training and specialised mentors

180 hours of Training and consulting with specialised mentors in 12 weeks for product development, business model definition and scale.

Technical and commercial support

Support to facilitate the technical development of the project and opening of commercial opportunities.

Management of € 10,000 in grant

You will receive access to request funding from Acció of up to € 10,000

Collaborative work space (optional)

You will have a work space, with meeting rooms and access to an interesting community of entrepreneurs.

Extensive network of specialized mentors

A 12-week mentoring program:

  • Specialised experts
  • Mentors in the food industry

Support from specialised entities

Different entities of the industry will support you, facilitating the development and giving maximum diffusion to your projects.

Intensive pre-acceleration program online

The program is developed in a decentralised way and you can access it remotely through a virtual campus.

Participation in the Demo Day

Reference event for all professionals and investors in the industry.


Until 13 of September


14 of September


The advisory committee uses the evaluation criteria.

Until 16 of September


Define and establish online objectives

18 of September

Pre acceleration

Start of online program

21 of December


Project presentation


museu dali figueres

The motivations of Figueres City town hall to promote Figures Food Talent are:

  • Strengthening local agro-food supply chains so that the local economy can benefit from the local market and play an active role in building bridges between local companies.
  • Support for tourism SMEs to improve their interaction with broader markets.
  • Contribution to the transition of cities towards the economy of the future based on knowledge, sustainable energy and more localized and circular forms of production.
  • Support for research and development of gastronomy through the commercialisation of research and development results in the scientific field.

what we expect from your project

That solves some of these problems

New generation food and beverages

Start-ups with new types of food products, focused on health and environmental sustainability. Equally related tools.

From the farm to the table

Initiatives that eliminate the intermediary and deliver the food directly from farmers to consumers. In general, they promote healthy or organic food.

Wines and Oils

Projects that propose solutions that contribute to the optimization of the production of wines and oils, as well as to improve the process of distribution and direct delivery to consumers.

Office Catering

Online catering platforms for offices. For example, to work with restaurants to organize meal plans for companies.

Food kits

Startups that send pre-packaged recipes and ingredients to help users cook at home.


Startups that connect consumers directly with chefs, allowing chefs to prepare meals at home for users.

Restaurant food

Initiatives that offer intermediate delivery services for restaurant meals.

Meals à la carte

Initiatives that offer precooked meals to users and that manage the preparation of meals from a central kitchen.

Specialised Food

Platforms for ordering pre-packaged and non-perishable foods.

Grocery delivery

Online delivery services for purchases.


Some of your next mentors

Diana Pinos

Expert in DesignThinking and proceses of de Co-creation

Especialista en investigació del consumidor, estratègia de marca i processos creatius i d'innovació
Experta en designThinking i processos de creació.
User Experience Consultant
Membre de la Xarxa
DesignThinkers Group

Simón Lee

Director General en Peninsula

Cap de Disseny de Digital Legends.
Màster en Creació i Programació de Videojocs per la UPF.
Fundador de GameBCN
Màster en Enginyeria de Programari per la UPC.
Enginyer de Disseny Industrial.
PDG 2015 de l'IESE Business School

Alvar Soto

Legal advisor

Associat a BCN Council Legal Advisors
Business Consultant, Financial & Legal advisor
Màster International Business Admin a EUNCET
Llicenciatura en Dret a UAB

Santiago Ambit

Innovation Manager Península

Fundador i Gerent de weón Glasses
Guanyador de 16 premis d'innovació, creativitat i producte.
Consultor d'innovació i nous models de negoci.

Sergi Arjona

Expert Consultant in Innovation

Expert Consultant in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Food, Smart Cities and Digital Business. He was co-founder of Impact HUB Barcelona and professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

Director of the VITA Entrepreneurs Center of Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) and

Founder and Director of Community Angel and trainer at ESADE Creapolis, dedicated to teaching agile methodologies, workshops and creation of events for the promotion, dissemination of entrepreneurship with impact.

Alessio D'Antino

Founder and MD of Crowdfooding

Founder and MD of Crowdfooding, the first global collaboration platform for the food industry. In 2015, he founded Crowdfooding with the aim of expanding access to capital for entrepreneurs of food and food products and since then began to build a community of innovators that will address some of the biggest challenges that affect our food system.

Now he works with companies of all sizes to understand how entrepreneurship, collaboration and investment models can be used to create a more sustainable future for food.

Alessio speaks regularly and consults the food company on technology and investment models to promote food innovation. Some of his recent speaking engagements include presentations at the Food IT conference (USA), RoIF - Rothamsted Open Innovation Forum (United Kingdom), Food Vision (United Kingdom), Food Matters Live (United Kingdom), Agtech & FoodTech Berlin Summit (GE), Smau (ITA), Seeds and Chips (ITA), among others. He is a board member of the Launch Food Forum and a Tech Advocate of London in the FoodTech chapter.

David López Gamero

Innovation Manager Península

He studied hospitality in Vilamalla (Girona) alternating his studies with work in several restaurants, until in 2001 he joined the elBulli team. For 15 years he worked at elBulli: the first stage as restaurant manager, 6 years of which he was responsible for everything related to Ferran Adrià, and in the final stage as CTO, where he coordinated the relationship with Telefónica, where he has been for 2 and a half years in the R & D department. He currently directs Fooday, a technology consulting company for companies in the catering sector.

Diego Torres

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